610 N Spaulding Ave

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Proven Stability

Benefit from the assurance of a property under the same dedicated ownership since 2007. This track record signifies not just ownership, but a commitment to consistent management and upkeep, ensuring enduring value and reliability from the subject property.

Prime Location

Positioned in the vibrant heart of the Fairfax district, this property isn’t just an investment; it’s a gateway to Los Angeles’ cultural epicenter. Imagine owning a piece of real estate where excitement and convenience converge. From iconic landmarks such as The Grove, Farmers Market, and Melrose Avenue to numerous eclectic boutiques, the allure of this locale translates to high tenant demand and premium rental rates.

Walker’s Paradise

With a stellar Walk Score of 95, this property caters to the modern lifestyle, where convenience reigns supreme. Tenants revel in the freedom to stroll to nearby attractions, fostering a sense of community and reducing reliance on transportation. As an investor, this translates to higher tenant retention rates and enhanced property desirability.

Unlock Hidden Value

Seize the opportunity to unlock approximately 28% upside and maximize your returns. By renovating units over time as the tenants vacate, you’re not just enhancing aesthetics and preserving value, you’re elevating profitability. Tap into the ever-evolving rental market of Los Angeles and position yourself for strong financial growth over time.

Desirable Demographics

The Fairfax district boasts a robust average household income of nearly 140K within 1 mile of the subject property, reflecting the area’s affluent demographic and strong purchasing power. This economic stability contributes to a favorable investment climate and ensures continued demand for quality rental accommodations.

Opportunity Overview

610 N Spaulding Ave presents a compelling investment proposition characterized by long-term ownership, a prime location in the bustling Fairfax district, exceptional walkability, and promising upside potential through renovations. With its solid economic profile and strategic positioning, this property embodies a lucrative opportunity for discerning investors seeking to capitalize on the dynamic Los Angeles real estate market.

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